Callson is a young and dynamic company with more than 20 years of experience in field management, acquired in major research institutes.

Callson is a Data Collection Specialist, CATI, CAWI and Face-to-face.

Callson operates in both B2B and B2C areas, in France and internationally, on survey samples ranging from a few tens to several thousands of individuals.

Callson is a multi-site organisation centralised in Paris, allowing us to adapt more easily to the individual budget requirements of each client.


Founded in January 2003 by Laurent Poggi and Larbi Houari (formerly of IPSOS)

Our core business is market research, media and opinion.

Our expertise is in collecting quantitative data and processing information.

Our clients are research institutes, marketing, communication, advertising and event agencies, consulting firms, large companies and institutions.


€ 3,500,000 in turnover

350,000 interviews per year

70% of our clients are research institutes

60% of studies, B2B

25% of studies, international

20 employees (including 10 supervisors)

2 production sites

150 CATI workstations

A network of 230 CATI researchers

A network of 800 face-to-face interviewers


We are attentive to:

• Each client, each request

• Our market, our competitive and technological environment

• Our team and our network of interviewers

Ensure competitiveness

• By controlling our costs …

• … to propose realistic budgets

• Being responsive

Guaranteeing quality

• Implementation of data collection in accordance with specifications

• Meeting the deadlines, general instructions of research and those specific to each client

• Optimisation of recruitment, training and management of survey staff

• Quality control throughout the projects

• Mastery of production tools

• Client involvement, CALLSON Managers and teams

Advise you

• Proposal of alternative methodologies, adapted and innovative solutions…

• … while remaining within the scope of our data collection procedure